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From Your Credit Report Permanently

So That You Can EASILY Restore Your Credit Score Back Up To 740+

You Can Have The Following Negative Credit items REMOVED PERMANENTLY:

  • Foreclosures,
  • Bankruptcies,
  • Judgments,
  • Late Payments,
  • Charge-Offs,
  • Repos,
  • and all "Accounts in Collections".

          So That Once All These Negative Credit Items Are Removed Your Credit Reports Your Score Will  EASILY Be Restored Back Up To 740+


100% Track Record:  The Credit Bureaus comply with your request to remove negative credit items every single time when you follow the simple steps given to you in our FREE GUIDE.  Over 155,000 individuals like yourself have already successfully used this information to Remove over 5 MILLION 'Negative Credit' items combined from their credit reports.

Consumers now have a viable way to fight back and remove negative credit items permanently from their credit reports.  Each negative credit item will get removed from your credit report even if these negative credit items are accurate.  That last sentence was not a mis-print.  It's worth repeating!

Without our FREE GUIDE you can only get "inaccurate" negative credit items removed from your credit report.  With our FREE GUIDE you will also be able to get "accurate" negative credit items removed from your credit report no matter what they are.  And It is all done legally for you!

Legal Experts recently confirmed that all 3 Credit Bureaus (Experian, TransUnion & Equifax) must be able to provide "Verifiable Proof" that they have in their current files if they are going to put negative credit items on your credit report. 

IMPORTANT: You have to know how to request the 'verifiable proof' from them and then you also have to know how to show that they didn't have it in their files prior to their reporting it on your credit report in order to get them to remove negative credit from your report.

          If they don't have the "verifiable proof" in their files that Federal Law requires them to have then they must remove ALL YOUR NEGATIVE CREDIT items.  After you read our FREE GUIDE you'll know how to get them to remove every negative credit item from all 3 of your credit reports.

          IT'S THE LAW!”  It is every American’s right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to use this law to remove all negative credit!

                    The “REASON” they remove negative credit every time you request them to is because ... 

 “Credit Bureaus Don't Have The 'Verifiable Proof' Required by the Law in Their Files So They Remove Negative Credit From Your Credit Report Every Single Time If You Know How To Properly Request Them To Remove It"

          GOOD NEWS!  It’s that simple … the “LAW” requires them to only report negative credit items that they have verifiable proof for in their files

          BAD NEWS!  Credit Bureaus DO NOT comply with the law unless they are FORCED to do so. 

          MORE GOOD NEWS!  We Force Them --- We've demanded that they remove over 5 Million negative credit items and they've REMOVED every single one of them.  That's a 100% success rate!

        If You Don't Remove Negative Credit From Your Credit Reports

It Will Cost You Hundreds of Dollars Each & Every Month!

          Whether you have made some financial mistakes in the past or just got burned by the economic collapse of our country like millions of others, it doesn't matter because if you don't remove negative credit it will stick with you like a blinking neon sign on your back for 5, 7 or 10 years or more.

Has Negative Credit Stopped You From ...

  • Buying a home
  • Buying a car
  • Getting a low interest loan
  • Getting a credit card 
  • Getting a Job or a Promotion or being able to renew a professional license

Once You Remove Negative Credit

You'll Never Be Denied For Any of The Above Again

          YOU can get any type of negative credit removed no matter how bad, how many or how recent it is.  Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Judgments, Late Payments, Charge-Offs, Repos, and Collections.  All of these negative credit items will be GONE permanently!   

Once You Remove Negative Credit Items

They Can Not Be Put Back On Your Report

          Federal LAW states that once the credit bureaus remove negative credit items that they did not have the required 'verifiable proof' for they can not re-report these negative items without the Credit Bureau getting a fine of $1,000 per item for reporting information when the Credit Bureau knows they do not have verifiable documentation … It’s the law.

If You Don't REMOVE NEGATIVE CREDIT It Will Cost You Thousands of Extra Dollars a Year

For The Rest Of Your Life!

"Get it all REMOVED for you NOW!"

          If you don't Remove Negative Credit you will be charged more for your car & homeowners insurance premiums.  Negative Credit increases the interest rates you'll be charged for your mortgage which can easily add up to more than 4 or 5 hundred dollars a month.

          Negative Credit increases the interest rates you have to pay on all of your credit cards.  Your car payments could end up being $100-$400 / month more when you have a negative credit score.  

          Many people cannot maintain their required security clearance or a professional license if their credit score is too low.  Most 'professional licenses' require that you have and maintain a good credit score.  If you don't you will not be able to renew your license when it comes up for renewal.  If that happens you are out of a job.

          A bad credit score caused by too many negative credit items may also prevent you from getting a job promotion or even from getting hired in the first place. 

          You can have all of your "Negative Credit" removed.  Every Single "Negative" item removed and here’s the EXCITING NEWS

          There is a company that will Remove Negative Credit for you for FREE.  You can …


The “FREE” Remove Negative Credit Disputing Service is A One Year Process With Results In As Little as 60 Days!

          Once all of your negative credit has been removed from your credit reports for you then you will no longer have to pay HIGH INTEREST RATES for car loans, mortgages and credit cards.  You'll NEVER get turned down for a loan or credit card again for having negative credit. 

          You can gain access to all the facts on how to remove negative credit and how to get it removed for you for free!  You can download this LIFE CHANGING information in the next two minutes.  It also is 100% FREE.

          Get The Facts ... Request a "FREE GUIDE" from us titled:

"How To Get All Bad Credit Removed From Your Credit Report"

          This free guide will also show you how you can have this service done for you for free …

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